5. Can you tell me more about the variables you are able to control in a Plant Production Unit?

We optimize the growing environment by controlling the following variables:

  • red wavelengths of light
  • blue wavelengths of light
  • far-red wavelengths of light
  • infrared
  • if needed other wavelengths of light
  • air temperature
  • root temperature
  • CO₂
  • humidity
  • airflow
  • fertilizers
  • water

Within a Plant Production Unit, we can control a variety of variables entirely independent from one another, such as the intensity and ratios of red, blue and far-red wavelengths of light. We can add energy in various ways, including though adjusting infrared light and room temperature. We are also able to regulate root temperature independent of room temperature. We can add carbon dioxide, control humidity, change the airflow, regulate water levels and change the types of nutrients.

 Balancing the mathematics of nature