6. How much does a Plant Production Unit cost?

Traditionally, one is inclined to ask, ‘what does this system cost?’ Leaving aside the obvious cost differences relating to size and certain other conditions, we instead ask ‘what does it cost to produce?’ If you want to grow tomatoes, how much does one kilogram of tomatoes cost? Is this source reliable? Will the crop be available year-round? As a rule of thumb, we also use the notion that an investment must be paid back within 3-5 years.

We therefore study the feasibility of every project based on internal and client data and experiences. Before we even think about large-scale projects, we ensure each R&D phase is carried out successfully – from Plant-ID to Growing Recipes to small-scale in-house prototyping. We are both courageous and prudent as we take the necessary steps to create success for our clients and partners.

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