8. How is PlantLab different from existing large-scale indoor growing methods? 

The key difference is that at PlantLab we conduct small-scale research for each crop and for every customer before we begin the growing process. We begin by creating a Plant-ID for each crop, which describes and models how that specific crop behaves in a PlantLab controlled environment. We then develop growing recipes in our research labs. These recipes specify the precise conditions required for each stage of plant growth, and are customized by crop. Traditional vertical farming using LED lighting skips this step, which allows us to customize crops in terms of their nutrition, taste, appearance and much more. Without this initial research, it is not technically or economically possible for large-scale indoor crop growing to customize crops in this way.  At PlantLab, this is a reality. Using our mathematical models and expertise, we are able to methodically test out hundreds of combinations of variables in order to find the optimal combination for each crop.

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