Close collaboration agreement between PlantLab and Syngenta

‘s-Hertogenbosch, June 11, 2013

On June 11, 2013 PlantLab and Syngenta signed a collaboration agreement in Basel.

PlantLab’s core business is plant growth in controlled environments, without daylight, using a unique and patented combination of climate control and LED-systems (Light Emitting Diode), based on mathematical models.

The knowhow and technology PlantLab have developed is applicable in a wide range, such as plant breeding, urban horticulture and eventually pharmaceuticals or cosmetics development.

As part of this collaboration, PlantLab and Syngenta are aiming to improve and accelerate plant breeding.

PlantLab will create a dedicated space in its new to build R&D-facility for the research that will be done for Syngenta by PlantLab.

For further information, please send a mail to:

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