His Majesty King Willem-Alexander opened PlantLab’s new state-of-the-art research center and headquarters in ’s-Hertogenbosch, on Tuesday 30 September. The King did this in the presence of over 700 national and international guests and he was given an extended tour through the new premises of PlantLab in a completely renovated historical building.

Based on plant physiology, PlantLab developed a patented technology to grow crops in Plant Production Units – completely closed climate chambers without daylight. The opening of the new facility marks the start of a large scale roll-out of the PlantLab concept with international partners in various industries. PlantLab launched an important first partnership with the Swiss company Syngenta last year.

In his speech, PlantLab CEO Gertjan Meeuws told the invitees: “It is our mission to ensure that plants can take advantage of their full potential and we want to offer our partners the opportunity to process and harvest, independently of time and location. Together with our partners, we want to accomplish that in the future, 9 billion people have access to safe, nutritious, tasty and affordable food. In our Plant Production Units, we save 90% on water use. Plants appear to be immune to diseases and pests in our growing environment”.

PlantLab’s method can be applied in many industries, varying from the processing and production of vegetables, fruit and flowers, to the production of ingredients for children’s food, medicines, flavors, fragrances and cosmetics.

PlantLab is closely involved in the development of the district of North-East Brabant as Agrifood Capital, involving a high level of cooperation between educational institutes, public bodies and the business sector in the areas of food, health and sustainability.

The King was also introduced to the PlantLab Playground Foundation. The Foundation is a socially innovative platform where students of leading international universities work on solutions addressing needs worldwide, involving the PlantLab technology. Meeuws: “In the PlantLab Playground we carefully listen to students, teenagers and children. It is their future we are working on; they need to be involved, if not in charge.”

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