Radical New Plant Logic

Helping plants achieve their full potential


A new language, new codes and new metaphors for our revolutionary growing system. 

We started our work from scratch, reinventing the way a plant should ideally grow. We call our thinking Radical New Plant Logic because it is revolutionary thinking based on years of research and analysis. The result: some radical new insights and practical logic, allowing us to both grow plants better, and feed our growing global population. Here is some New Plant Logic.



Adaptation of plants to nature has been a blessing, now it’s a curse.

Plants should not have to adapt to nature; nature should be adapted to plants. For thousands of years, mankind has tried to adapt crops to nature. Nature, however, has not been kind to plants. Over the last century, farmers and breeders have done their best to make crops resistant to droughts, arm them against harmful insects, and more. But this has been done at the expense of crop yields. At PlantLab, we have reversed this priority: instead of identifying ways to help plants better cope with nature, we created a controlled biotope around the needs of plants. We adapt this habitat to suit the specific needs of each crop. We put plants in control, which allows them to achieve significantly more of their  potential.




By failing to prepare, one is preparing to fail.

Crop growing formulas must be continually refined to meet the needs of the plant and the customer. Unlike other indoor farming initiatives, our technology goes beyond just producing crops under LED lights. We conduct background research for each crop and for every customer before we begin the growing process. We take time to identify the right mix of variables for each plant, and create a Plant-ID for each crop, which describes and models how that specific crop behaves in a PlantLab controlled environment. We also discuss with our customers the specific qualities that they want their crops to have in terms of nutrition, taste, appearance and much more.

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cut the crap; less is more 

Right from the start of our cooperation, we began to address the incorrect theories and misconceptions that exist about crop production, resulting in our unique technology system. Through our work, we have found that we could eliminate many of the variables previously thought to be necessary to the growing process. Less turned out to be more, with plants wanting no pesticides, no superfluous light waves, no excess water and no unnecessary fertilizers. As our technology also allows food to be grown locally, we are also able to have no (or every limited) CO₂-emissions.

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Our radical new plant logic is not simply about letting the key numbers speak; it is also about using reason to challenge the status quo and idea that we should continue doing something because “we have always done it that way.”

Our New Plant Logic may sound somewhat radical, but we cannot allow traditional views and practices to cloud our ability to develop new innovative solutions. We at PlantLab believe in investigating the truth, and not always following existing practices simply because something has always been done in a certain way. Addressing the challenge of feeding our growing population, without depleting natural resources, is within reach. The convenient conclusion is that, unlike what some have suggested, we do not need more planets to feed our growing population.